About the Ongoing Exhibition at Buon Gusto Gallery in San Francisco

"Celebrating 2013 the Year of Italian Culture - Paintings Created on Location in Italy"June 7 - June 29, Buon Gusto Gallery, 535 Green Street, San Francisco , 415.531.2911

Hours:  5 - 8 pm Thurs - Sat (closed June 15)   I will be present in the gallery during these hours, and I look forward to talking with you about these paintings and my experiences in Italy.

Naples from Castello San Elmo, 16" x 23", oil/canvas, 2012

About the Show: I produced these works on a two and one half month journey through Italy last summer. In 1967 and '68 I worked as Head of Outdoor Restoration for the Uffizi Gallery helping to clean up after the disastrous flood of '66. So this extensive trip, 45 years later, was a chance to reflect on the changes that have shaken the Italian peninsula during this period.

The Book: I kept a diary, in Italian, which I corrected with the help of my professor at City College of San Francisco, Carol Cadoppi. I have published the diary in English and Italian along with all my oils and watercolors. It is available for sale at the gallery, but may also be purchased through 'Lulu'.

Questa era bella

Other Works:

Also included in this show are a few larger works based on paintings created on earlier trips to Italy. Such as this painting of Riomaggiore in the Cinque Terre:

Cinque Terre through my Window.

The Video: Enjoy a twenty minute video of our journey. It is best viewed at your leisure, full screen with a glass of wine!