Geoff Hoyle in "Lear's Shadow"" at the Marsh Theater in Berkeley

Geoff Hoyle has been delighting and electrifying us in the Bay Area for decades. I observed him developing and presenting his most recent solo show “Lear’s Shadow” at the Marsh in San Francisco. Being the son of Yorkshireman who climbed out of the slums of Sheffield by educating himself in electronics and steeping himself in the classics, I’ve had a lot of exposure to Shakespeare. Indeed, my father’s frequent lament when either I, or my brother, disappointed him was “Ah how sharper than a serpent’s tooth it is to have a thankless child.”

But Geoff’s Lear was a revelation for it’s highly original point of view that remains true to the original story while shedding a stark, contemporary light on this universal tale.

I couldn’t resist proposing to Geoff that he and I collaborate on two paintings. He agreed and this diptych is the result of an intense collaboration over two afternoons. Where his contribution ends and where mine begins is not, at this point, clear to me. It was an unforgettable experience. Especially unforgettable to see Mr. Hoyle uncharacteristically immobile while I painted him!
If you like this diptych, I guarantee that you will love Geoff’s performance. Reserve your seats at the Marsh in Berkeley before they are all sold out.

You will also get to see this diptych which is hanging in the theater.