Painting in Italy April 28 - July 5

I arrive in Catania, Sicily for an extended painting expedition April 29. Six of my students will join me May 4th for a two week workshop. We will explore and paint Taormina, Siracusa, Vittoria, Ragusa, and Agrigento - among other exceptional locations on this sun drenched island.


On May 19th, Beryl Landau will join me. We will begin our slow journey to northern Italy in Cefalu. After a week in Cefalu, we will proceed to the mainland stopping in Matera, Ostuni, Aquila, Rome, Florence and Lugo in Emilia-Romagna.

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My studio at 351 Lewis Street in Oakland will be closed during this period. There will be no Last Sunday Open Studios.

Luna Rienne Gallery

During our absence you may find some examples of Beryl Landau’s and Anthony Holdsworth’s paintings at Luna Rienne Gallery, 3318 22nd St., San Francisco.

Exhibition of Italian Paintings at Luna Rienne Gallery in Nov 9 -Dec 2, 2019

Luna Rienne will feature some of our best works from our Italian painting tour as well, as new paintings of San Francisco, in October, 2019.